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Comprehensive Persuasive Essay Subjects

Learners find themselves in all manner of essay types to write in their pursuit to get educated. One such essay is a persuasive essay. So what is a persuasive essay? It refers to a kind of academic paper that uses clear logic, reason, and valid facts to persuade readers concerning the rationality of the writer’s perspective.

Title Samples of Persuasive Essay

Before penning down a persuasive essay, it is important to pick a suitable title for the essay. Instructors provide titles to learners sometimes, but most times, the expectation is to come up with their own. Having a relevant title simplifies the process of writing a persuasive essay. But settling or formulating a subject is a task most learners dread. So if you are stuck, here are some titles or subject samples for your consideration.

  • Canceling of dress codes in schools is necessary
  • The assignment ought to be voluntary
  • Young elementary kids ought to tag along with their pets when going to school 
  • Learners ought to utilize mobile phones in their learning institution
  • Shortening the average school is necessary
  • The reasons for the need for longer school breaks
  • Every classroom ought to have an installed TV
  • We require longer holidays in the summer
  • There ought to be playtime between classes in schools
  • Each classroom ought to have any kind of a pet
  • Why permission to retire late to bed is necessary
  • Why permission to own a pet is important
  • Why permission to consume sweets each day is vital
  • Dogs make better pets compared to cats
  • Superheroes are genuine
  • Vegetables ought to not be regularly eaten
  • Why permission to stay alone at home is vital
  • Why permission to watch television as I need is critical
  • Why permission to play cinematic games as I need is important
  • My stipend ought to be higher
  • The best destinations for vacation
  • Does a household environment impact a pupil’s performance in academia?
  • Bullying ought to have harsher penalties
  • Is a reduced amount of assignment a good idea?
  • Summer schooling cons and pros
  • Field trips ought to happen each week
  • The effect of violent television shows on society
  • Social media role on the younger age groups
  • Do vicious video games, upset kids?
  • Detaining of students must be outlawed
  • Is a college education still a requirement?
  • Students ought to have a gap year post-high school
  • High school cyberbullying is a huge issue 
  • Permit students to dress as they wish
  • The present system of grading has no place in the contemporary world. Grades are not a measure of a learner’s knowledge
  • Is it necessary to lower the age required for voting?
  • The advantages of free availability of condoms to students
  • Give parenting lessons to an expectant couple
  • Offer sex education in learning institutions
  • Is there a need to reduce the age to drink?
  • Financing space exploration expeditions can advance the quality of life on the globe
  • The ethical topic of cloning
  • How genetic engineering can impact the world and its advantages
  • Maintaining a journal is an amusing stress coping mechanism
  • Colleges ought to have health spaces for learners to deal with depression and stress
  • Critical life skills video games can offer
  • Having a pet makes one happier
  • Leasing a house has more advantages than purchasing one


When you grasp every component of writing a good persuasive essay, then you set to deliver a significant essay piece. However, the essay subject matters in giving direction to your entire essay. The suggested topics will help you overcome this huddle and smoothen your writing process.