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Helpful Hints for Writing a Biology Research Paper in High School

Writing a biology research paper in high school is a challenging experience for most students. They lack academic writing skills and do not know how to conduct meaningful research. The following hints and advice will help you communicate your ideas and findings with researchers interested in biology effectively, without asking for help with paper.

How to Structure Your Research Paper in Biology: Simple Hints

Academic writing requires following a clear document structure. Your research paper should contain all the necessary sections and each one should provide specific kinds of information. The following hints will help you organize your work:

  1. Compose a title page according to the given sample. Remember to include the title of the paper and the course name and ID.
  2. Write an abstract that explains what you have done and who may be interested in your results.
  3. Explain what problem you examined in your introduction. Provide some background information about the topic.
  4. Describe how you solved the research problem in the materials and methods section. Here, you should also specify where you obtained the data for analysis.
  5. Share what outcomes you got in the results section of the document. Identify what the key results are and mention the minor findings too.
  6. Discuss what your results mean and why they are important in the discussion section. Sometimes, the results and discussion are provided in the single section.
  7. Create a list of references. Include all the sources that you have consulted while doing your literature review and writing the paper’s sections.
  8. Include some extra information in the appendices if necessary. For example, you can provide the results of experiments or observation in appendices.

How to Get a Decent Grade: Vital Advice

The aforementioned hints will help you compose a strong research paper in biology. However, there is also some piece of advice that you should keep in mind in order to get a decent grade. First, choose an interesting topic for you. If you are afraid of spiders, avoid writing your assignment about why there are many spiders in the homes nearby.

Second, spend some time to compose a thesis statement that will grab your professor’s attention. You can challenge a misconception, examine an unlikely connection between species and their living environment, or determine the role of evolutionary theory, in current research. Third, use help resources when needed. Do not hesitate to ask for some assistance. You can visit your professor, ask a librarian to help you find useful materials, or consult the expert in the field.