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5 secrets of writing an outstanding essay you should know about

When you are a student you are going to have to write essays all the way through your academic career regardless of the subject that you are taking. You can’t escape from it whether you enjoy writing essays or not, so you might as well perfect your craft, her are 5 tips to stick to when writing an essay.

  1. Plan: Would you attempt to get to a destination you are not familiar with without a map? I am sure you have answered no to this question. A plan when you are writing your essay will provide you with a road map to get to your final destination which is a first class essay.
  2. Introduction: Your introduction is the most important part of the essay. You want to hook your reader here so that they are enticed to keep reading. Start with a powerful quote or statement with shock value.
  3. Structure: You might have the best ideas out of all the students in your class; however, if the information that you provide is written in an incoherent manner, you won’t achieve the results you need to get a good grade. Make sure that you write clear and concise simple sentences so that what you have written is easy to understand.
  4. Critique: It’s great to have a good argument, but you want your teacher to see that you are capable of seeing from more than one point of view. When you critique your argument you are playing devil’s advocate. You should incorporate several critical theories and opinions that refute what you are saying. But you then challenge these theories with your own opinions and back them up with valid research. This process will allow your teacher to assess your critical thinking skills.
  5. Refer back to the question: Sometimes we can get carried away when writing an essay especially when it is something we are passionate about. Make sure that you don’t wonder too far away from the subject and that you continuously refer back to the question to ensure that you have answered it to the best of your ability.