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Culture Essay topics

Culture can be defined as the unique characteristics of a group of people. The clothes we were, our religious beliefs, the language we speak, and the food we eat are all facets that makeup culture. Cultural beliefs and norms have shaped our modern society. From historical, cultural events to contemporary cultural influences, there are many topics to choose from when writing an essay on culture. The following essay topics give a broader understanding of the topic of culture.

  1. A brief assessment of the American and Asian cultures.
  2. A brief evaluation of the role of religion in culture.
  3. An in-depth look at the Mass Culture Theory
  4. My personal experience with Culture shock
  5. The colonial practice of assimilation and its influence on culture
  6. How culture shapes our society
  7. The Japanese Culture and its benefits
  8. The Culture of Balinese Society
  9. How culture has affected society
  10. Conflict of cultures; A case study of Sudan
  11. How the world views the Western culture
  12. Is culture a gift or a burden to humans?
  13. Foreign language learning and its effect on culture
  14. India and its rich cultural heritage
  15. A brief assessment of ancient Egyptian culture
  16. Ancient beliefs and culture as depicted in The Odyssey
  17. Latin Culture and its influences on American cuisine
  18. Taco Tuesday: A brief assessment of the Latin culture of food
  19. The impact of culture in the workplace
  20. How to develop an organizational culture
  21. Negotiations in a foreign language 
  22. Music and its influence on the American culture
  23. A brief assessment of the Hip-hop and rap culture
  24. How to minimize conflict as a result of cultural differences in the workplace
  25. The influence of pop culture on our society
  26. Social networking is a culture among the young
  27. A brief evaluation of the shopping cultures in Europe And the United States
  28. Perception of Death: A case study of the Somalian Culture
  29. The culture of newborn naming
  30. A brief note on the Chinese culture and its influences on the education system
  31. An analysis of the Afar Culture
  32. How music influences culture
  33. Dimensions and categories of culture
  34. The influence of hardcore rap music culture on crime and increased debauchery
  35. The True meaning of culture
  36. Why culture is important
  37. Women in America: A brief outlook on their cultural beliefs
  38. Rape culture and stereotypes in America
  39. Should you learn your own culture?
  40. Materialism as a culture
  41. Degradation of the American Culture
  42. The culture of Hispanics 
  43. Mesopotamia’s cultural evolution
  44. How music in the 60s influenced culture
  45. The role of leadership in shaping culture
  46. Does culture influence the way we live our lives?
  47. Hispanics and Native Americans in California: A cultural assessment
  48. The role of technology in culture influences
  49. Positives and negatives of culture in the society
  50. An expository essay on the impact of slavery on the American culture.