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Computer Essay topics

Computer science and information technology are fields that are constantly garnering updates and developments worldwide. Computer essay topics will help a student understand these advancements. However, laying the groundwork can be tricky. That is why we created a list full of computer essay topics to help you get started.

    A brief analysis of Unix’s history

    A brief evaluation of the relationship between Mathematics and computer science

    An analysis of computer science as a career option.

    Software Solutions: A brief evaluation

    System Requirements and specifications: a brief evaluation

    Trends in computer science

    Critical analysis of garbage collection in computers (SSMD)

    A personal statement for admission into the computer science master’s program.

    Stanford University and its application of computer technology

    A brief evaluation of students applying for a degree in computer science.

    Quicksort and research on algorithm

    The University of Texas and its computer science master’s degree program. 

    Computer science and artificial intelligence

    Ways in which computers have shaped our lives

    Human Recognition: Biometrics in computer science. 

    An evaluation of a career in computer science as a hardware engineer.

    Fast processors: AMD versus Intel

    An assessment of forensics and computer science

    Innovation of computers 

    Data mining in computer science

    How graphics and animation are influenced by computer technology

    The influence of computer literacy on education

    The effect of computers on society

    The rise of the internet

    Hacking and its impact on society 

    An in-depth review of e-commerce as a result of advanced technology

    How the gaming industry has shaped the development of computers now and in the future

    What are computer programming goals?

    Digital Forensics: Risk of justice aversion

    What are the functions of operating systems?

    Downloading and computers

    The evolution and history of computers and their operating systems

    Explain in detail what the Graph theory entails

    Hacking and its implications on our safety and privacy

    What do you understand by the terms ‘web services?’ Explain.

    LANs (local area networks)

    The Computer science master’s program offered by the University of Calgary

    What are the pros and cons of science in society?

    Trojan horse: Impact of the viruses on computer users

    Hard drives and how they work

    Discuss the data protection act of 1998 in relation to the freedom of information enacted in 2000.

    Analyze the evolution of the computer form the first time it was created by John W. Mauchly And J. Presper Eckert to date

    What is the public take on science and information technology?

    Ph.D.: Higher learning in computer science

    Website design and development in computer programming

    Computer languages

    How to attain full artificial intelligence

    The role of information and communications technology (ICT) in society

    Computer science and its relationship to linear algebra

    A case for (or against) the use of computer drones in the fight against terror.